The Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair will provide a platform to organisations engaged in imparting services to society to motivate and involve the public to be part of the process of social transformation.
The diverse programmes at the fair showcase the Themes that flow from Hindu Spiritual Genius, Ancient Literature and Life-style commonly known as “DHARMA”.


We Believe

The fair and the pre-fair programs are the great leap forward in connecting Hindu spirituality to contemporary challenges. The several programmes including the pre-fair ones integrated into the fair will philosophically explain and practically expound how Hindu spiritual values and the traditional Hindu lifestyle are based on them.


  • Conserve forest And Protect Wildlife
  • Preserve Ecology
  • Sustain Environment
  • Inculcate Family and Human Values
  • Foster womens’s Honour
  • install Patriostism

About HSS Jaipur

Welcome to HSS Fair Jaipur 2017

The intention and purpose of the fair was to convey the message of way of living through the Saanatan Dharam which accepted peaceful co-existence with ever belief as also to bring together small pockets of the tremendous work done by the society at large which if combined together can bring forward the gigantic contribution by the society in India and that too in every conceivable field.

Beyond exception the Hindu Spiritual & Services Foundation-Fair help from 8th to 11th October, 2015 was a grand success. The total number of Footballs over a period of 4 days was 2,00,000.

There was a last minute entry for more stalls to be put whereas the 230 Number of stalls, we had thought would be adequate but that was not to be.

Dr. Subhash Bapna
Chairperson, HSS Fair, Jaipur

Topics in Focus


  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Healing
  • Health & Wellness


  • Wellness
  • Meditation
  • Inner Skill Development
  • Stress Management


  • Activity Oriented Techniques
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Gifts, Souvenirs & Artifacts
  • Clothing & Accessories

People are

  • हिन्दू स्पिरिचुअल एंड सर्विस फेयर-२०१५ के आयोजन का दृश्य अविस्मरणीय रहा | एक हे स्थान पर राष्ट्र के अनेकानेक भागो में काम करने वाले धार्मिक , सामाजिक संगठनो के सेवा कार्यो का प्रदर्शन उक्त मेले के माध्यम से अत्यंत प्रभावी तरीके से प्रदर्शित किया गया | इस प्रकार के प्रयास प्रतिवर्ष एवं सम्पूर्ण भारतवर्ष में होने चाहिए | कुल मिला कर बड़ा हे अद्भुत अनुभव रहा |

    डॉ. ऍम. एल. स्वर्णकार, Vice Chairperson HSS Fair,Jaipur-2015
  • I have never seen a crowd of 50000 students waiting patiently with 120 guitarist on the stage all of them along with honerable Chief minister of Rajasthan and honorable cabinet ministry Rajyvardhan Ringh Rathore singing Vande Mataram in unification and complete co-ordination.

    Kishore Rungta, Chairperson HSS Fair Jaipur 2015
  • चेन्नई के हिन्दू स्प्रिचुअल एंड सर्विस फेयर आयोजन के मूल चिंतक श्री ऐश गुरुमुर्तिजी ने यहाँ की प्रदशनी को देख कर अनायास ही कहा -‘जो काम हमने पाच साल में किया था ,उतना कार्य आपने पहले ही वर्ष में कर लिया | बधाई हो इस सूंदर और विशाल आयोजन के श्री गुनवानसिंघजी कोठारी एवमं उनके सहयोगियों को |

    योगी रामनाथ , सन्दसंस्कार समिती सुखसागर सांभरलेक जयपुर
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