Second Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair 2016 – [ Second HSSF 2016 ]

The fair and the pre-fair programs are the great leap forward in connecting Hindu spirituality to contemporary challenges. The Fair will be thematic in features, original in exposition and contemporary in message. The several programmes including the pre-fair ones integrated into the fair will philosophically explain and practically expound how Hindu spiritual values and the traditional Hindu lifestyle are based on them, which provides solution for the critical contemporary issues of the world and India – Environment, Ecology, Pollution, Human values, Women’s Honour and Patriotism. The diverse programmes at the fair showcase the Themes that flow from Hindu Spiritual Genius, Ancient Literature and Life-style commonly known as “DHARMA”. The Fair demonstrates that Hindu Spiritualism and Life Style is based on the Principles that,

Protects Forests and Wild life
Preserves Ecology
Sustains Environment
Inculcates Family and Human Values
Fosters Women’s Honour
Promotes Patriotism

These values constitute the thematic pillars of the Second Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair. All the programmers at the Fair are designed to connect high Hindu spiritual values to daily lifestyle by Themes, Samskarams and Symbols.
The Fair packages and presents the samskarams to internalise the themes – the Samskarams [mental and psychological training].