How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Permanently? Options To Explore

There was once a time when many people were deprived of the basic facilities that we have nowadays. Women didn’t have many options to remove their facial hair without affecting the skin. But now, with technology, everything has changed. We not only have multiple options to remove facial hair but also we have multiple ways to get rid of these hairs once and for all.

Tips to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Remember it is not abnormal or harmful to have hairs on face, its natural human biology. Below listed are some medical and natural ways to remove facial hair. Not all treatment can help you get rid of hair permanently, but they can stall them for months and/or longer periods.

#1 Prescription Creams

Several topical creams can be used to slowly and gradually remove facial hair. One type, in particular, is called Vaniqa. This prescription hair removal cream for face slows down the growth of unwanted hair gradually and makes hair finer and lighter.

#2 Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a popular way to get rid of facial hair permanently. It involves the use of shortwave radio frequencies that are distributed through fine needles placed directly into hair follicles so that it destroys the hair follicles to hair growth stimulation.

It removes facial hair permanently, but it does require multiple follow-up treatments and it also costs a lot of money that is around 35$ to 100$ per session.

#3 Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is also an effective treatment and has long-term results. It targets the hair follicles and damages them to stop hair growth. This treatment can be done anywhere on the body but it is expensive. It requires multiple sessions and can cost around 250$ per session.

#4 Natural Home Remedies

One can make many face masks and scrubs with different home ingredients. Some popularly used remedies are:

  • Green gram + Rose water
  • Oatmeal + Banana
  • Honey + Sugar
  • Gelatin + Milk

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