How To Get Rid Of Acne Causing Pimples Instantly

There is nothing like waking up to a fresh breakout that makes you want to google frantically how to quickly get rid of pimples. Acne also is eager to turn up at the worst times: when you don’t have the energy or patience to wait a week for her life cycle and just need it to be gone right away. Whether you want to take matters into your own hands and start picking (a terrible idea that we’ll cover in more detail below) or troll Instagram for a cure-all spot treatment, it’s a normal reaction to try and speed up your pimple care.

Ice Your Zits

If you have a swollen pimple on your face which causes pain, reach for a cube of ice. Cover it in a thin cloth and put it for three to four minutes on the offending spot. Repeat for pain relief during the day, and briefly reduce swelling.

Switch To Zinc Supplements

Not all additives have empirical support when it comes to treating acne, but zinc shows encouraging results. In a double-blind test comparing zinc with prescription oral antibiotics and cream for face acne, both showed similar outcomes. Zinc also has broader availability; at the local drugstore or pharmacy, you can purchase it over the counter, and it does not result in improvements in dizziness and skin pigment.

Apply A Paste Of Crushed Aspirin

Aspirin contains salicylic acid and is by all means a top-shelf acne fighter. The prompt application of a paste made from aspirin eliminates excess oil and dead tissue. This helps unblock and dry out your angry pores while reducing swelling and redness at the same time. This is one of the home remedies recommended by dermatologists and it also tends to reduce discomfort at the site of application. Crush an aspirin with a spoon to make the paste, then mix it with a few drops of water. Then apply it directly to the pimple.

Avoid Picking Your Face

We assume that you have seen this one before. Picking can inflict “trauma” on the skin, which in turn leads to “inflammation, infection, and eventually a scar.” Translation: It will take twice as long to remove that irritating spot. If your pimple gets too ahead and you can’t really resist the urge to pick it up, follow the instructions accepted to do it safely and hygienically. (Even simpler to fix: press on one of our favorite acne patches before bedtime and wake up with a drastically reduced zit.)

Tone Down To Toners

If you have a disruption in the process, we would suggest, any astringent can disrupt the skin barrier and cause inflammation and irritation, unless you have very oily skin, skip the zit itself when you do this phase in your skincare routine.

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