What Does Body Shaper Actually Do?

Fats to fit!!! Well everyone desires perfect looking body. Is it possible to look desirable within a few seconds, without any diet or exercise, and wear your favorite?  Having a dilemma to a dirty dinner party or always maintaining a perfect body figure. The answer to this question is body shaper. Flaunt your sexy saree or be the prom queen by wearing your favorite dress or get dressed for the club in body-hugging dress or time to look most desirable in traditional Kurtis by wearing body shapers.

Body shapers are undergarment clothing that squeezes the extra fats to give slimmer look. Body shapers come for different parts of the body including breast, stomach, waist, hip, legs, thighs, and buttocks.

What does a body shaper actually do?

A body shaper is an extra piece of garment worn under the clothing. It firmly holds the fat bulging areas shaping it into a perfect body figure. Body shapers provide firm coverage available in stretchable material. Nylon and Spandex(Lycra) are the most widely used fabrics. Even a combination of cotton and microfibers is sometimes used to design body shapers. These days the most popular body shapers are made from cotton and microfibers. This combination proves skin-friendly as cotton absorbs sweat while microfibers manage odor.

Body shapers not only give you slimmer look but also give wrinkle-free curves. It acts like a pushup for the breast and buttocks area giving a sharp look to it.

The concept of body shaper comes from ancient corsets. The variety of body types differs based on body type and the part of the body for which you are purchasing.

Body shapers your body posture by giving butt enhancement cream sturdy support to the spinal cord.

Styles of body shaper and the respective garment it corresponds to:

Camisole: for sleeveless tops

Bodysuits: for Bodycon dresses

Bottom shaper: for pencil skirts and tight-fitting bottoms

Tummy tucker: suitable for all dresses to tuck the tummy inside.

Body care and personal hygiene:

Your body may not easily adapt to wear body shapers so it is advisable to gradually increase the duration of wearing body shapers. Do wash your body shaper like your clothes to maintain personal hygiene.

How to choose correctly sized body care?

Prolonged incorrect usage of body shapers can have harmful effects on the body. The correct size of the body shaper allows free movements, easy breathing, and overall comfort. Tighter body shaper does not allow upper movements while loose size movements flop down.  The correct body shaper remains intact, unrestricted blood circulation, and ease breathing.















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