5 Most Popular Types Of Skirts Explained

A comfortable pair of jeans may be your go-to for all seasons, but skirts can help you seriously jazz up your look.

Skirts are fun and flowy – think of the picture-perfect moment Monroe had! Simply add spring-like romance to any occasion with a bright skirt that kills. Finding the right type of skirt, however, is a whole different challenge!

If you’re looking for gorgeous patterns that you can try, this post here will cover 5 well-known types of skirt patterns.

1. A-Line Skirt

A beautiful floral type of skirt is the best piece of clothing to don on a bright summer day. It’s playful, fun and you can team it up with a variety of tops.

Your look can be fresh every time you wear it depending on how you pair this spring skirt. Try wearing a basic T-Shirt for a laid-back look, or a dress shirt with some statement jewelry to add an edge.

2. Bodycon Skirt

Bodycon skirts are defined by a tight, form-fitting silhouette that hugs the body. Stripes are a great option when it comes to shifting between casual and formal looks.

All you need to consider is the fit and style of the skirt, pleasing colors, a proper top, and accessories that will help you make that shift.

3. Box Pleated Skirt

Knit skirts somehow give a pleasant fall-winter feel and if you’re seeking a serious fashion makeover, turn to a box pleat skirt pattern instead of trousers this season.

The knitted skirt pattern will look fabulous with a fitted blazer or a trench coat. With this look, you might even find yourself in a “Devil Wears Prada moment.

4. Wrap Around Skirt

Add some more hippie influences to your look by combining the skirt with a loose-fitted top or a body-hugging top and some tie-up flats. If you’re exploring the bohemian style, you might even do it to the maximum by adding different layers of accessories.

If however, you aren’t feeling brave take it down a notch and go for simpler ones.

5. Ethnic Maxi Skirt

Ethnic prints need no introduction, whether it’s a festive occasion or just the one you want to spend at home, you can pick up an ethnic print maxi skirt. Choose the cotton type for daily affairs and pick dressy materials for an event.

You can choose a top for such a skirt according to your comfort, a modern take can involve choosing an off-shoulder while you can go for crop-tops or blouses for an Indo-western look.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is easy to see why a skirt is always going to create an interesting fashion statement. Choose a skirt that flatters and makes you smile as there is no right or wrong in fashion, just wear what makes you happy.


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